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IT Infrastructure, contract number: 
Contract Term Dates: 09/08/2008 09/07/2014

State of FL Vendor Number (SPurS number):  F-900286379-001

           Minority Business Designation:  A 

           Category of award:  o Category 3: Firewalls, VPNs

           Contract contact information:

o   company contract administrator name:  Norman Hirsch

o   title:   Managing Member

o   phone number:  561-622-2283

o   fax number: 888-602-1196

o   email address:  sales@nha.com     

    NH&A, LLC is the prime contract holder for Astaro

Astaro Security Gateway provides immediate protection for your network, web access and email traffic. The Astaro solution integrates more security applications than any competitor in one award-winning management device. A complete range of hardware appliances scale to the performance level that you demand.

Over 100,000 IT security experts in 60 countries entrust their network with Astaro's Unified Threat Management solutions.


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